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Are Alaskan oil profits competitive?

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Marky D Clown and his troupe of Face and Body painters have been creating fun and entertainment around Alaska and around the World creating unique balloon animals, and many other award winning balloon sculptures, for many years. His creations have put smiles on the faces of thousands of children's faces from 1 to 100. Along with his group of talented and award winning Face and Body Painters he has made a name for himself as the premier Clown act in Alaska providing unequaled entertainment for parties, corporate events, fairs, private gatherings and anywhere that groups of people are in need of quality entertainment.

Ms Yuliya, one of Marky's most talented face painters, holds a degree in fine arts and has demonstrated her amazing talent in print as well as on skin. a Ms Yuliya body decoration is truly a work of art, and many have commented that they wished they could make it a permanent tattoo.
Visit Marky's website and see for yourself the excellent balloon constructs and face painting created by Marky and his friends over the years.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Mimi Roth

Mimi Rothschild  not even worthy of being mentioned here.

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BP Blues

"BP Buys Google and Yahoo Search Terms, Including 'Oil Spill'"

"BP Imposes NO Fly Zone over the Gulf"

 "BP brings in Temp Workers to fill the ranks during Obama Visit"

 "BP drops poison dispersant on poison oil"

If BP came to us and said "We would like to drill a hole in your ocean, it might blow out and destroy the environment and we don't plan to install any preventive measures and we might not be able to stop it." 

Would we let them drill? 

No, We would not. Who has? 

Follow the Money.




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