Friday, December 29, 2006

Where do we go from here?

2007 is just a day away and it seems to me we are still stuck in 1057 in a lot of ways.
It has become somewhat common knowledge that the elite power base killed JFK, organized almost every War since the Revolution to enrich themselves and control the American media, The federal reserve bank, The World bank and most of the major corporations that supply your food, merchandise and medicines.

So what can we do to bring down ultimate power? perhaps there is nothing that can be done, but hiding from the truth will just help them expand and fulfill their goals of making us all slaves, even more so than we are now.

So what can you do? Tell people, speak out, question authority, teach your children to question what they are told by the talking heads on TV and read in the Newspapers. Those that worship the old Gods and seek wealth and power in unlimited perportions must be stopped, thay have already effectivly destroyed what was America, and if there is to be any freedom in our future they MUST be brought out into the light and fought at every turn. As John Lennon said, Power to the People!

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