Monday, June 18, 2007

Enlightenment for the masses

Becoming enlightened has almost always been a laborious endeavor. Be it seclusion in a Monastic retreat fasting on bread and water until you see the inner light, devoting your life to penance and suffering and daily lashings until you strip away your ego and allow the eternal to become one with you, or dropping a hit of good acid and facing all your inner demons at once in a 12 hour crash course in Groking enlightenment has not been something for the timid.
Once I was a member of a group called the Rosicrucian Order, reputed to be the oldest secret society known to mankind. Of the teachings that they doled out Monthly, reputed to be handed down from Egyptian masters, most were simple mental tricks that could be replicated through any number of means. One Monthly exercise that I am sure the Order still attends to to this day (and may hunt me down and boil me alive in a bag of cats for divulging) is the focus group activity, where each and every member of the Order of the Rosy Cross sits in meditation at the same time where ever they are on the Planet(or other places) and focuses their energies on a preselected individual, sending him or her cosmic good vibrations. I always thought that was a neat idea, but never actually noted recordable results.
The concept of connecting the universal uber mind is certainly not novel to the Rosicrucian's, and even late night radio icon Art Bell has done experiments in focusing the collective consciousness to deal with a specific task, like redirecting a hurricane. He did have noticeable results and stopped performing such experiments, scared away by the effectiveness of his trial run.
A new group is going to attempt something that I have been contemplating since the mid 1970's, connecting the Oversouls and innerminds of the Planet, and hopefully dragging along the heathen unenlightened that would never consider meditating, much less Groking, into a swirling maelstrom of cosmic consciousness, and hopefully raising the overall quality of the Human mind and Spirit.
This might be the last and best hope for the Planet, and I would encourage all that understand the powers within to join on this day and radiate, and to those that don't understand or believe, please just sit quietly and allow the transformation to take seed and feel it grow as you begin to see the World around you in a diffrent light.
will give you the information, and time, that this effort will commence.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Alaska Pipeline Plotter a Patriot?

The sound of spirit

It has been said that once you could hear the sound of the spheres in the sky resonating. That makes sense to me, and I wish I could hear that music today.

The Planets effect us gravitationally, each having a variable effect with their distance and speed. That Pythagoras could hear 10 major notes was later confirmed by the establishment of a 10th orbital body around the Sun.

As each Planets gentle touch stroked the Earths magnetic fields and pushed on her atmospheric shell someone finely attuned to the energy in the air could hear and feel the slight nuances. Today we hear the high voltage rectifier in the TV and the electric motor in the Fridge and the mum of the telephone lines and the 60hz fuzz from the electric grids surrounding us and the lower resonances of the radio waves that become part of our holographic reality as soon as we are born on this Planet.

I doubt that the sound of the Spheres will ever be heard again on Earth so long as we persist as a species. Our ability to create cogs and wheels and pumps and pulleys and pistons has both blessed and cursed us.

Monday, June 04, 2007

Sunday, June 03, 2007

JFK Revisited

Saint John Hunt is the oldest Son of E. Howard Hunt, the Super Spy of JFK and Watergate infamy. Listen to E. Howard Hunts recording made just before his death and given to his Son, to be released after E. Howard's Death.

E. Howard Hunt - Testament
Live audio recording in his own words