Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Clinton's Heroin/Cocaine cash tops 24 Million

Clinton has over $24,000,000.00 to spend on becoming the next Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces.

As with most of the Clinton fortunes one has to wonder how much of it is a result of the Clinton's "Mena Mafia" drug cartel operations. While Govenor of Arkansas Bill Clinton headed up the operations in AR for the CIA bringing in tons of processed Cocaine and Heroin for distribution throughout the US.

Once the drugs were safely out of CIA/Skull and Bones hands and down to the street level distributors the rounding up pf the "drug dealers" and confiscation of their drugs (and homes and cars) would commence. The Skulls would profit from the initial sales to regional gangs, and profit again from the income of the "Drug War" and the incarceration in the Chaney Prisons of the sellers and users.

Elect Hillery "Skull and Bones" Clinton, the extremely wealthy need ALL your money!

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