Saturday, June 16, 2007

The sound of spirit

It has been said that once you could hear the sound of the spheres in the sky resonating. That makes sense to me, and I wish I could hear that music today.

The Planets effect us gravitationally, each having a variable effect with their distance and speed. That Pythagoras could hear 10 major notes was later confirmed by the establishment of a 10th orbital body around the Sun.

As each Planets gentle touch stroked the Earths magnetic fields and pushed on her atmospheric shell someone finely attuned to the energy in the air could hear and feel the slight nuances. Today we hear the high voltage rectifier in the TV and the electric motor in the Fridge and the mum of the telephone lines and the 60hz fuzz from the electric grids surrounding us and the lower resonances of the radio waves that become part of our holographic reality as soon as we are born on this Planet.

I doubt that the sound of the Spheres will ever be heard again on Earth so long as we persist as a species. Our ability to create cogs and wheels and pumps and pulleys and pistons has both blessed and cursed us.

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