Friday, July 13, 2007

Mark Walberg in Shooter

I just finished watching Mark Walberg in Shooter and thought it was a very good look into the back rooms of power and corruption. They do everything but name names and point out the Skulls and Illuminati. "A loose affiliation" I think they called "it". They even made almost obligatory reference to the JFK Coup and how the grassy Knoll shooters were buried in the desert. I especially liked the old gunsmith that related that tale and others, but thought that the friendly FBI agent was miscast, a little to down homey, fresh off the res, borderline idiot for me to buy him as an FBI agent.
The action is fast, the shooting somewhat realistic (esp if you like watching for details like position and breathing, Mark did his homework and the director used it well. Now all we need is for a few good men like the Gunny to step up and do some housecleaning. One or two in each State should be a good start.

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