Tuesday, August 07, 2007

How the elite wage war

October 2004
380 tons of powerful explosives, including those used to demolish buildings and detonate nuclear weapons, disappeared from a major Iraqi munitions cache.

Our troops moved into Iraq with such speed that the munitions needed to fight a counter offensive were over run. Bush had to make sure the "bad guys" had enough weapons to wage some sort of war, so it was arranged for 380 TONS of explosives and munitions to be left laying around unguarded.

July 2007
Iraqi Insurgents somehow gain possession of thousands of US Arms, munitions and Body Armor, again apparently just left laying around unguarded by the crack Iraqi forces we entrusted them to.

If this is not evidence enough that Bush is waging a war for the profit of war you should remove your blinders.

This is a War of profit, for the benefit of the elite. They are funneling Billions of dollars from our taxes into their privately Skull & Bones owned industries at the cost of our blood. You will not see Bush, Cheney or other elitist scums children serving in the War, they are the royals, and it is for we the low surfs to toil and die at their bidding.

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