Thursday, August 09, 2007

Insurance scams

Insurance, it is one of the biggest scams that the illuminati has perpetrated on us. next to Taxes it is one of the best ways of taking the money you eran and turning it back to the Illuminati families.
Through their control of legislators and lobbiest activity they first made madatory minimums for all 50 States, then instead of demanding that all Insurance Companies provide a cheap, basic coverage for the "required by law" insurance they allow the Insurance companies to bill what ever they want. It is class warfare, forcing those that cannot afford thair vig to break the law and get fined even more, eventually becoming repeat offenders and entering the Illuminati Prison system.
I drive one of the safest vehicles made in America, a Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor. It has heavy duty antilock brakes, Heavy duty transmission, dual airbags, people avoid running into and drive with great care around it (I have it painted to look just like an Alaska State trooper car, down to antennas and spot light). Geico will insure me for 52.00 a month, $624.00 per year. I paid $700.00 for the car.
When States decide to require that all drivers have commercial insurance they should require a standard minimum Insurance subsidized by the State for low income drivers. of course the low income don't have the same resource to hire people to lobby for them, so this fairness will never happen, the rich will just keep finding ways to channel the poors money into their pockets.
Right now the 2% Illuminati Families control the banks, The Insurance Companies, The Federal Reserve and the World Bank.
They tax you for their gasoline, they tax you for the land you own, they tax you for the vehicle you drive, they tax you to send your neighbors children to their State run schools, they tax you for "luxury" and they tax you for death.
You have to pay them to insure your Home, Possessions, Vehicles, Life, Health...if you consider all the tax you pay them, and all the fees that they collect, and all the insurance they collect your lucky if you actually get to keep 1/2 of each dollar you earn for your own use, the rest goes right into the collective pool of the richest of the rich, the Illuminati.
The Illuminati bought a lease on all 7 WTC buildings just before Sept 11, 2001, they took out a double indemnity for terrorist attack insurance policy, they used their own "Security Team" under the direction of George Bush's Brother to install expolsives on the night before 9/11 while also stealing almost all the gold, diamonds, securities, bonds etc. from the WTC offices.
9/10 was Marvin Bush's last day as head of Securacom, his replacement died in the WTC.
The payout for the WTC insurance was made, and all the billions paid to the Illuminati came from the US Taxpayer.

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