Thursday, November 06, 2008

The rise and fall of the American Empire

If Alaskan's are any measure of the state of the American ideal then the America of fabled glory is in severe decline. would Thomas Jefferson had risen to political stature if he had been a man of low morals or a convicted criminal? Well, Ben Franklin exhibited low morals and did well, but criminal records were not tolerated among polite society in those days.

Ted Stevens sits on the Committees on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs, Appropriations, Commerce, Science, Transportation, Rules and Administration and yet he could not join the Army, work at McDonalds or WalMart or own a gun in the State of Alaska. You did turn in your guns didn't you, Uncle Ted?

Ted Stevens served the Country with honor in the Armed Forces during WWII, served the State of Alaska with honor for many years and was honored in due course with accolades and and Airport. When he decided that he was entitled to cross the lines of decent conduct and sell his vote for self gain he should have been scorned, jailed and rebuked. That he was not is telling on the state of our democracy.

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