Monday, November 17, 2008

The way of the World

Education is the key to power and wealth. Ever since mankind lived in caves the better educated a person was the better chance for survival they had and the better their lives would be.
Education became a religion, Shamans were just men that knew more about the natural order than those around them. Those in the know passed that knowledge along to their immediate family members, and therein was born the roots of royalty. Having the knowledge gave them the power and having the power became a family affiar, passed along from Father to Son through the generations.
As humankind started to settle into towns and cities the need for central rule became greater and while occasionally a warlord would gain power through shear force it was mainly the educated that became the rulers. This was most in evidence in the formation of the great religions. The shamans, priests and rabbis held tight to the esoteric learnings, releasing just small portions to those under them and carefully choosing those that would be led deeper into the mysteries. They selected those that they felt could be trusted not to "spill the beans" as it were, keeping the truths confined to those that would use it to maintain power.
As we became even more civilized and the need arose for a method of trading other than direct barter money came into vogue and with money came money merchants. As we came to accept currency as being something of value we also became enslaved to those that controlled the money. Today the Worlds banks are run by the same elite royal families that arose in the still dark dawn of civilization.
These banking families have no power over the rest of us other than their education and wealth. The education was given to them because they shared a common bloodline, the wealth was given to them for the same reason, to keep the wealth in the family.
In the great ruling royal families it is understood that you will not marry outside the royal bloodlines. "Bluebloods" will intermarry even at the cost of inbreeding to protect their accumulated wealth. If they choose to marry outside the lineages they know that their linages will not be allowed to share in the collective wealth and power.
When the American Revolution came around the elite saw it as a direct threat to their power base. They were the highborn that were leaders by birthright and here this new system threatened to give power and wealth to any commoner that had the force of will to ascend the throne. Their answer to this was to create a new class of royalty, a clandestine royal class that pretended to commoner status while adhering to the tenants of the European Bluebloods.
The Brown Brothers Banking family from England were central to this new royalty, and even today they hold power from a golden throne. Before the new Country of America was 20 years old the Bankers had taken control of our commerce. By the we reached our 100th birthday in 1876 they had control of every aspect of American education, religion and commerce.
In 1913 they took total control over the American monitary system, removing it entirely from any "commoner" control and placing it into a "Federal Reserve" system completly under their control. With the ability to print, issue, withdraw and control the value of the nations currency they retained the same controls that their fathers had as Kings.

If you attempt to print and issue your own currency, even if it is accepted by those that you wish to do business with, you will be arrested and jailed by the Federal Reserve. There are a few brave concerns that have started minting "Liberty Dollars", mainly based on silver and gold, that are strictly called "barter tokens", not currency or legal tender, to evade the threat of prison.

I accept Liberty Dollars in my own business, as a matter of personnel pride in freedom and democracy. I encourage everyone I can to find alternatives to supporting the Ruling Class Bankers by using fair trade, barter, in kind exchange or alternative value tokens such as Liberty Dollars and bypass the bankers, removing their ability to scrape away your personnel wealth a small portion at a time. of course they will still want to force you to report every minute transaction and the value of goods or services exchanged and make payments in the form of tax on the value of the items you received. But then I am just a poor, uneducated peasant and my labors are worth nothing, and the items I accept in trade for my labors are equally without intrinsic value, so there is nothing to be taxed as there is nothing of value being exchanged as long as I avoid utilizing the Federal Reserves private currency.

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